Q: Which smart home hub can cast a Quiz Game on your TV?
A: Animus Heart



Trivia game in a smart home world!

2-4 players

Challenge your friends and compete with up to 4 players.

1000+ questions

Over 1000 questions and counting, with informative and fun topics.

Played with Smart Home buttons

Re-use your smart home buttons to compete for the HubQuiz™ questions.

Cast to TV

Every player can enjoy a real studio experience with the cast to TV function.

Add own questions

Create your own questions and personalize your HubQuiz™ game. Read more in FAQ.

Community based


Game night just became more fun!
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Your Quiz Game Starter Kit


How it works

Smart home and HubQuiz. All in one app.

Animus Heart - A Smart Home Hub

Animus Heart lets you control and automate your different smart home devices with one app. It also lets you play the HubQuiz™ game from the same app. If you haven’t got Animus Heart yet, find out more here.

Get the HubQuiz™ Kit

The HubQuiz™ Kit comes with 2 smart buttons* and an activation code for the game. HubQuiz™ is a hApp® (Home App) specifically designed for Animus Heart.

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Activate HubQuiz™

Install the HubQuiz™ game from your Animus Home App. Once installed enter the included Activation Code, and you can start enjoying your first quiz.

These steps are only done once, and you can play HubQuiz forever!



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Why do I need Animus Heart for this?

The Smart Home Hub serves as the game controller. It communicates with the buttons, the TV and contains the game. Learn more about Animus Heart.

Does HubQuiz™ work without buttons?

No, you need to have a smart button assigned to every player in the game.

Is it possible to use other buttons or remotes for HubQuiz™?

HubQuiz™ was developed and designed for the buttons included in this offered Kit. However, there is no technical limitation to other compatible buttons to Animus Heart.

Can I re-use the buttons for other smart home purposes?

Yes, you can use them in your smart home, for example trigger other scenes or devices.

Will the buttons trigger any other scenes during playtime?

Yes, You can disable the automation that triggers by the button on automations page.

Can I add my own questions?

Yes, it’s possible to personalize your HubQuiz™ with your own questions.
Read more here

How do I Cast the game if I don't have a Chromecast?

The HubQuiz creates an URL when playing. If you open the URL in your Smart TV you can view the game.


What is said?

Know what people think about HubQuiz!

"The TV casting experience makes it much more engaging"
Driton M.

"Detta var en väldigt rolig upplevelse för hela familjen"
Mikael H.

"Det var en rolig överraskning när jag listade ut att knapparna kan användas i mitt smarta hem också"
Lars A.

HubQuiz™ is built on the hApp® platform, powered by Animus Home. A hApp® is a software designed for you to enjoy the full potential of Animus Heart, HeartOS and 3rd party compatible smart devices. Read more.